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Die Musiksammlung

3 Doors Down3 Doors Down2008MP3
3 Doors DownTime of My Life2011MP3
3 Doors DownUs and the Night2016MP3
A Day To RememberYou're Welcome2021MP3
Ad InfinitumChapter I: Monarchy2020MP3
Ad InfinitumChapter I: Revisted2020MP3
Ad InfinitumChapter II: Legacy2021MP3
Ad InfinitumChapter III: Downfall2023MP3
Ad InfinitumFrom the Ashes (EP)2023MP3
AdelaideStrong And Brave2019MP3
Adorned BroodWigand1998MP3
Adorned BroodHiltia1999MP3
Adorned BroodAsgard2000MP3
Adorned BroodErdenkraft2002MP3
Adorned BroodHeldentat2006MP3
Adrian Belew2006-04-24 The Basement, Sydney, Australia (Bootleg)2006MP3
AdversusWinter, So Unsagbar... - Ltd.ed.2004MP3
AdversusEiner Nacht Gewesenes2008MP3
Aeonian SorrowKatara2023MP3
AeraneaA Voice for the Lost2021MP3
AeternitasHaunted Minds2020MP3
AethereaThrough Infinite Dimensions2021MP3
AeveriumTime (Deluxe Edition)2017MP3
After EvolutionWar of the Worlds2022MP3
After ForeverLive at Pinkpop 20022002MP3
After ForeverDecipher2004MP3
After ForeverInvisible Circles2004MP3
After ForeverExordium [UK-Import]2006MP3
After ForeverPrison of Desire [UK-Import]2008MP3
After ForeverAfter Forever (15th Anniversary Edition)2022MP3
Against MyselfOdyssey To Reflexion2015MP3
Against MyselfUnity2019MP3
Against MyselfTides Of Insanity2023MP3
AinaDays Of Rising Doom - The Metal Opera2003MP3
Al DimeolaLand of the Midnight Sun1976CDMP3
Al DimeolaElegant Gypsy1977CDMP3
Al DimeolaCasino1978CDMP3
Al DimeolaSplendido Hotel1980CDMP3
Al DimeolaElectric Rendezvous1982CDMP3
Al DimeolaElegant Gypsy & More - LIVE2018CDMP3
Alan Parsons ProjektTales Of Mystery And Imagination Edgar Allan Poe1976CDMP3
AlestormBlack Sails At Midnight2008MP3
AlestormCaptain Morgan's Revenge2008MP3
AlestormBack Through Time2011MP3
AlestormSunset On The Golden Age2014CDMP3
AlestormNo Grave But The Sea2017MP3
AlestormCurse Of The Crystal Coconut2020MP3
AlestormSeventh Rum Of A Seventh Rum2022MP3
Aliceil sole nella pioggia1989CD
All EndsAll Ends2008CD+DVDMP3
All EndsA Road To Depression2010MP3
Allen/OlzonWorlds Apart2020MP3
Allen/OlzonArmy of Dreamers2022MP3
AmaranPristine in Bondage2004MP3
AmaranA World Depraved2005MP3
AmarantheThe Nexus2013MP3
AmarantheMassive Addictive2014MP3
Amberian DawnLooking For You2020MP3
Amberian DawnTake A Chance - A Metal Tribute To Abba2022MP3
Amon Düül IIPhallus Dei1969MP3
Amorphous Androgynous & Peter HammillWe Persuade Ourselves We Are Immortal2020CDMP3
Amorphous Androgynous & Peter HammillWe Persuade Ourselves We Are Immortal (Remixes)2020CDMP3
Anderson Bruford Wakeman HoweAnderson Bruford Wakeman Howe1989CDMP3
Anderson Bruford Wakeman HoweAn Evening Of YES Music Plus19962CDMP3
Anette OlzonStrong2021MP3
Angel NationAeon2017MP3
Angel NationAntares2022MP3
AngelwingsThe Edge of Innocence2017MP3
AnkorWhite Dragon2019MP3
AnoxiaRelinquish The Quiet2023MP3
AnthologyAngel's Revenge2017MP3
ApocalypticaPlays METALLICA by Four Cellos1996CDMP3
ApocalypticaInquisition Symphony1998CDMP3
ApocalypticaCult - Special Edition20012CDMP3
ApocalypticaReflections \Revised\2003CD+DVDMP3
ApocalypticaWorlds Collide (Deluxe Edition)2007CD+DVDMP3
Apocalyptica7th Symphony2010CD+DVDMP3
Apocalyptica & The MDR Symphony OrchestraWagner reloaded - live in Leipzig2013CDMP3
ApocalyticaLive In Helsinki St. John's Church2023MP3
ApostolicaHaeretica Ecclesia2021MP3
Arcana ElysiumCorpus Callosum2021MP3
ArchitectsFor Those That Wish to Exist2021MP3
ArchitectsThe classic symptoms of a broken spirit2022MP3
Artemis & ApolloBroken Wings2023MP3
Arthur BrownCruel, Crazy, Wonderful World!1968CDMP3
ArvenBlack Is the Colour2014MP3
ArwenMemories of a Dream2003MP3
AskaraLights Of Night2022MP3
Asylum PyreCall Me Inhuman2023MP3
AthemesisEl Diario de Rozen Krov (Remembranzas)2021MP3
AtreyuThe Best Of Atreyu2007MP3
AuriumThe Second Sun2020MP3
AutumnWhen Lust Evokes The Curse2002MP3
AutumnSummer's End2004CDMP3
AutumnStacking Smoke2019MP3
Autumn BrideUndying2021MP3
AvantasiaGhostlights (Bonus Version)2016MP3
AvantasiaA Paranormal Evening with the Moonflower Society2022MP3
AvatarFeathers & Flesh (In His Own Words)2016MP3
AverlancheArctic Atlas2023MP3
AyreonThe Source2017MP3
BattleloreWhere the shadows lie2002MP3
BattleloreSwords Song2003MP3
BattleloreThird Age Of The Sun2005CDMP3
BattleloreThe Return of the Shadow2022MP3
BayonDie Suiten1997CDMP3
Be Under ArmsRed Wave Is Coming2019MP3
Beast In BlackBerserker2017MP3
Beast In BlackFrom Hell With Love2019MP3
Beast In BlackDark Connection2021MP3
Beneath My SinsI Decide2020MP3
Beyond FrequenciesMegalomania2020MP3
Beyond FrequenciesMe Megalomaniac2023MP3
Beyond The BlackSongs Of Love And Death2015MP3
Beyond The BlackLost In Forever2016MP3
Beyond The BlackHeart Of The Hurricane2018MP3
Beyond The BlackHeart Of The Hurricane (Black Edition)2019MP3
Beyond The BlackHORIZONS2020CDMP3
Beyond The BlackBeyond The Black2023MP3
Billy TalentIII2009MP3
Billy TalentAfraid of Heights2016MP3
Black SabbathBlack Sabbath (Deluxe Expanded Edition)19702CDMP3
BlackbriarOur Mortal Remains (EP)2019MP3
BlackbriarA Dark Euphony2023MP3
Blackmore's NightUnder A Violet Moon1999CDMP3
Blackmore's NightPast Times With Good Company2002MP3
Blackmore's NightGhost Of A Rose2003MP3
Blackmore's NightThe Village Lanterne2006MP3
Blind GuardianA Twist in the Myth2006MP3
Blind GuardianAt the Edge of Time2010MP3
Blind GuardianBeyond The Red Mirror2015MP3
Blind GuardianLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019MP3
Blind Guardian Twilight OrchestraLegacy Of The Dark Lands2019MP3
Blood Sweat & TearsSuper Hits1969MP3
Blues PillsBlues Pills2014MP3
Blues PillsLady In Gold2016CD+DVDMP3
Bo HanssonLord Of The Rings (extended & remixed)1970CDMP3
Bo HanssonMagician's Hat1973CDMP3
Brian EnoDiscreet Music1975MP3
Bring Me The HorizonSempiternal2013MP3
Bring Me The HorizonThat's The Spirit2015MP3
Bring Me The HorizonPost Human Survival: Horror2020MP3
Brothers Of MetalProphecy of Ragnarök2017MP3
Brothers Of MetalEmblas Saga2020MP3
Bullet for My ValentineTemper Temper2013MP3
Bullet for My ValentineVenom2015MP3
Bullet for My ValentineBullet For My Valentine Deluxe2022MP3
Bury TomorrowCannibal2020MP3
CalibanGhost Empire2014MP3
CallejonMan spricht Deutsch2013MP3
CallejonWir sind Angst2015MP3
CallejonHartgeld im Club2019MP3
CanEge Bamyasi (Remastered)1972MP3
Carpe NoctemSchattensaiten2016MP3
Cat StevensThe Ultimate Collection1999CDMP3
Catalyst CrimeCatalyst Crime2021MP3
Cellar DarlingThis Is The Sound2017MP3
Cellar DarlingThe Spell2019MP3
Chamber - l'Orchestre de Chambre NoirGhoststories And Fairy-Tales2003MP3
Chamber - l'Orchestre de Chambre NoirSolitude2004MP3
Chaos MagicEmerge2022MP3
Charlotte WesselsTales From Six Feet Under2021MP3
ChicagoThe Chicago Story - Complete Greatest Hits20022CDMP3
Chris SquireFish Out Of Water1975MP3
ClutchSlow Hole to China: Rare and Re-released2009MP3
Collegium MusicumCollegium Musicum1971CDMP3
Collegium MusicumKonvergencie19712CDMP3
Collegium MusicumContinuo1978CDMP3
Collegium Musicumcollegium musicum live2007CDMP3
Collegium MusicumDivergencie20072CDMP3
ColosseumThose Who Are About To Die Salute You1969CDMP3
ColosseumValentyne Suite1969CDMP3
ColosseumColosseum Live1971CDMP3
ColosseumDaughter Of Time - Remastered1993CDMP3
ColosseumDaughter Of Time (Sampler)1995CD
ColosseumBread & Circuses1997CDMP3
ColosseumTomorrow's Blues2003CDMP3
ConfidentialDevil Inside2022MP3
CoppeliusCoppelius (Promo-CD)2003MP3
CoppeliusTo My Creator2005CDMP3
CoppeliusTime - Zeit2007CDMP3
CoronatusLux Noctis 2007CDMP3
CoronatusPorta Obscura2008CDMP3
CoronatusFabula Magna2009MP3
CoronatusTerra Incognita2011MP3
CoronatusRecreatio Carminis2013MP3
CoronatusCantus Lucidus2014MP3
CoronatusRaben im Herz2015MP3
CoronatusSecrets Of Nature2017MP3
CoronatusThe Eminence of Nature2019MP3
CreamDisraeli Gears1967CDMP3
CreamWheels Of Fire19682CDMP3
CreamLIVE CREAM Volume II1972CDMP3
Crimson SunTowards The Light2015MP3
Crimson SunFates2020MP3
Crusade of BardsTales of the Seven Seas2022MP3
Crystal ViperTales Of Fire And Ice2019MP3
Crystal ViperThe Cult2021MP3
Curved AirOn Air1997CDMP3
CyhraLetters To Myself2017MP3
CyhraNo Halos In Hell2019MP3
Czeslaw NiemenNiemen Enigmatic1969CDMP3
Czeslaw NiemenNIEMEN1970CDMP3
Czeslaw NiemenMarionetki1972MP3
Czeslaw NiemenStrange Is This World1972MP3
Czeslaw NiemenOde to Venus1973MP3
Czeslaw NiemenKatharsis1975MP3
Czeslaw NiemenIdee Fixe I & II1978MP3
Daddy Long Legs.........bsssss1996CDMP3
Daddy Long LegsIdentividuality1997CDMP3
Daddy Long Legs2nd Birth2001CDMP3
DargaardEternity Rites1998MP3
Dark PrincessThe World I've Lost2012MP3
Dark SarahAttack Of Orym2023MP3
DarkwellConflict of Interest2002MP3
Dave GreensladeThe Pentateuch Of The Cosmogony1979CDMP3
David BowieSpace Oddity (40th Anniversary Edition)19692CDMP3
David BowieZEIT! 77-7920135CDMP3
David CrossExiles1997CDMP3
David CrossAnother Day (feat David Jackson)2018MP3
David JacksonThe Long Hello Vol. 31982LPMP3
David JacksonTonewall Stands1992CDMP3
David JacksonFractal Bridge1996CDMP3
David JacksonGuastalla Live Tonewall & Soundbeam20032DVDMP3
David Jackson2007-11-23, Club Giardano, Lugagnano, (Acoustic Trio)2007MP3
David Jackson2007-11-24, Club Giardano, Lugagnano, (Electric Quintet)2007MP3
David Jackson - Ren Van CommeneBatteries Included2003CDMP3
David Jackson & Le JuryJaxon Faces The Jury2012CDMP3
Dawn Of DestinyThe Beast Inside2019MP3
Dawn Of DestinyOf Silence2022MP3
Dead by SunriseOut of Ashes2009MP3
Dead VenusBird Of Paradise2019MP3
Deathless LegacyRituals of Black Magic2018MP3
DeathstarsNight Electric Night2009MP3
Deep PurpleDeep Purple In Rock1970CDMP3
Deep PurpleMade in Japan1972CDMP3
Deep PurpleFireball - 25th Anniversary Edition1996CDMP3
Deep PurpleLive in Newcastle 20012001MP3
Deep PurpleBurn - 30th Anniversary Edition2004MP3
Deep Purple...To The Rising Sun (In Tokyo)2015MP3
Deep SunDreamland - Behind The Shades2022MP3
Degrees of TruthTime Travel Artifact2019MP3
Degrees of TruthAlchemists2023MP3
DelainApril Rain2009CDMP3
DelainWe Are the Others [Special Edition]2012MP3
DelainThe Human Contradiction Deluxe Edition2014MP3
DelainA Day For Ghosts2017MP3
DelainApocalypse & Chill2020MP3
DelainDark Waters2023MP3
Diabulus In MusicaArgia2014MP3
Diabulus In MusicaDirge For The Archons2016MP3
Diabulus In MusicaEuphonic Entropy2020MP3
DiamanteComing in Hot2018MP3
DiamanteAmerican Dream2021MP3
Die ÄrzteAuch2012MP3
Die SchnitterMähdrescher1997CDMP3
Dieter NuhrNuhr vom Feinsten2004MP3
DiMeola, McLaughlin, DeLuciaFriday Night In San Fracisco1981CDMP3
Dire StraitsBrothers in Arms1996CDMP3
DisdainedKill My Only Enemy2014MP3
Disillusive PlaySongs for the Non-Existent2023MP3
DiverseAm Abend mancher Tage Vol. 21991CD
DiverseKuschelrock 519912CD
DiverseRock Classics1992CD
DiverseBest Of 9319932CD
DiversePlus From Us1993CD
DiverseThe Charisma Poser (Poser 1)1993CD
DiverseKuschelrock 819942CD
DiverseHier war ich Kind1995MP3
DiverseRock Superstars Vol. 21995CD
DiverseDeine Liebe und mein Lied Rockballaden 11996CD
DiverseEin Lied für die Meschen Rockballaden 41996CD
DiverseRock Superstars Vol. 31997CD
DiverseBorn To Be Wild19984CD
DiverseFröhlich Sein und Singen1998MP3
DiverseMitten ins Herz - Top-Hits aus dem Osten 1998CD
Diversea tribute to polnareff1999CD
DiverseAnthology Of Cosmic Music19992CD
DiverseMitten ins Herz - Top-Hits aus dem Osten Vol. 21999CD
DiverseAmiga Rock Klassiker Vol. 12002MP3
DiverseDie Schönsten Pionierlieder 22004MP3
DiverseMake Love - Not War2004MP3
DiverseMittelalter-Special Vol. 32004MP3
DiverseWann Wir Schreiten Seit An Seit2004MP3
DiverseLive At Hof Huhnstadt - 36287 Breitenbach20072CD
DiverseSchattenreich Vol.52008MP3
DiverseMittelalter-Special VIII2010MP3
DonotsWake The Dogs2012MP3
DraconianWhere Lovers Mourn2003MP3
DraconianArcane Rain Fell2005MP3
DraconianUnder a Godless Veil2020MP3
Dream OceanLost Love Symphony2018MP3
Dropkick Murphys11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory2017MP3
Drown This CityAlpha // Survivor2019MP3
Dust In MindFrom Ashes To Flames2018MP3
Dust In MindLive At The Opera2020MP3
Dust In MindCtrl2021MP3
Dying PhoenixWinter Is Coming2023MP3
Ebony ArkEbony Ark2002MP3
Ebony ArkDecoder2005MP3
Echo CityThe Sound Of Music1992CDMP3
Echoes of EternityThe Forgotten Goddess2007CDMP3
Echoes of EternityAs Shadows Burn2009MP3
Echoes of EternityAgeless2019MP3
EdenbridgeSunrise In Eden2001MP3
EdenbridgeA Lifetime in Eden2004MP3
EdenbridgeThe Grand Design2006CDMP3
EdenbridgeMy Earth Dream2008CDMP3
EdenbridgeThe Bonding2013MP3
EdenbridgeThe Great Momentum2017MP3
EdenbridgeThe Chronicles of Eden Part 22021MP3
Edge Of ParadiseImmortal Waltz2015MP3
Edge Of ParadiseUniverse2019MP3
Edge Of ParadiseThe Unknown2021MP3
Edge Of ParadiseThe Unknown II (Single)2022MP3
Edge Of ParadiseHologram2023MP3
ElectraDie sixtinische Madonna1980MP3
ElectraDie Hits 1971 - 19891996CDMP3
Electric CallboyTekkno2022MP3
Elegy Of MadnessInvisible World2020MP3
Elegy Of MadnessXI2023MP3
EleineUntil The End2018MP3
EleineDancing In Hell2020MP3
EleineAcoustic In Hell2022MP3
EleineWe Shall Remain2023MP3
ElessärDark Desires2013MP3
ElisGod's Silence, Devil's Temptation2003MP3
ElisDark Clouds In A Perfect Sky2004CDMP3
EloyPower And The Passion1975CDMP3
EluveitieEverything Remains [As It Never Was]2010CDMP3
EluveitieEvocation II - Pantheon2017CDMP3
ElvenkingThe Winter Wake2006MP3
ElvenkingThe Scythe2007MP3
ElvenkingTwo Tragedy Poets (...) (Ltd.ed.)2008MP3
ElvenkingRed Silent Tides2010MP3
ElvenkingThe Pagan Manifesto2014MP3
ElvenkingSecrets of the Magick Grimoire2017MP3
ElvenkingReader Of The Runes - Divination2019MP3
ElvenkingReader of the Runes - Rapture2023MP3
ElysionBring Out Your Dead2023MP3
Ember SeaHow to Tame a Heart2017MP3
Emerson, Lake & PalmerEmerson Lake & Palmer1970CDMP3
Emerson, Lake & PalmerPictures At An Exibition1971CDMP3
Emerson, Lake & PalmerTarkus1971MP3
Emerson, Lake & PalmerBrain Salad Surgery1973CDMP3
Emerson, Lake & PalmerWelcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends - Ladies and Gentlemen19742CDMP3
Emerson, Lake & PalmerWorks Volume 21977CDMP3
Emerson, Lake & PalmerLucky Man2002CDMP3
EmpyriumA Retrospective...2006MP3
End of GreenDead End Dreaming2005MP3
End of GreenHigh Hopes in Low Places2010MP3
End Of The DreamUntil You Break2017MP3
Enemy InsidePhoenix2018MP3
Enemy InsideSeven2021MP3
EpicaThe Phantom Agony2003MP3
EpicaConsign to Oblivion2005MP3
EpicaWe Will Take You With Us2005MP3
EpicaThe Divine Conspiracy2007CDMP3
EpicaDesign Your Universe2009CDMP3
EpicaRequiem For The Indifferent2012MP3
EpicaThe Quantum Enigma2014MP3
EpicaThe Holographic Principle20162CDMP3
EpicaThe Solace System2017MP3
EpicaOmega (Deluxe Edition)2021MP3
EpicaOmega Alive2021MP3
EpicaThe Alchemy Project2022MP3
Eric BurdonHouse Of The Rising Sun (Sampler)19722CDMP3
Eric ClaptonJust One Night1980CDMP3
Eric FishLive - Auge in Auge2004CDMP3
Eric FishZwilling2005CDMP3
Eric FishGegen den Strom2007CDMP3
Eric FishAnders Sein Live2009DVD+CDMP3
Eric FishAlles Im Fluss2010CDMP3
Eric FishKaskade2013MP3
Eric FishGezeiten2020MP3
Eric FishUntiefen2023MP3
Eskimo CallboyCrystals2015MP3
Eskimo CallboyThe Scene2017MP3
Eskimo CallboyRehab2019MP3
Eskimo CallboyMMXX2020MP3
Eternal IdolRenaissance2020MP3
Eternal SilenceTimegate Anathema2021MP3
Ethereal KingdomsHollow Mirror2019MP3
EuropeWar of Kings2015MP3
Eva Under FireHeavy On The Heart2018MP3
Eva Under FireLove, Drugs & Misery2022MP3
EvanescenceEvanescence EP2000MP3
EvanescenceSound Asleep (EP)2000MP3
EvanescenceNot For Your Ears2003MP3
EvanescenceThe Open Door2006CDMP3
EvanescenceSynthesis (Explicit)2017MP3
EvanescenceThe Bitter Truth2021MP3
EvereveEnetics (Ldt. Ed.)2003MP3
EwiniarBurning the Night2021MP3
ExiliaNobody Excluded/Standard2006MP3
Exit EdenRhapsodies In Black2017MP3
Exit EdenFemmes Fatales2024MP3
FalconerAmong Beggars and Thieves (Ltd.Edition)2008MP3
False MemoriesChimerical2018MP3
False MemoriesEchoes of a Reflection (EP)2021MP3
False MemoriesThe Last Night of Fall2021MP3
False MemoriesHybrid Ego System2023MP3
FangornPentatonische Furien1999MP3
FaunVon den Elben2013CDMP3
FaunLuna & Live & Acoustic in Berlin20152CDMP3
FaunMärchen & Mythen (Deluxe Edition)2019MP3
FeuerschwanzSex is Muss2016MP3
FeuerschwanzMemento Mori2021MP3
Fiddler's GreenFiddler's Green1992CDMP3
Fiddler's GreenBlack Sheep1993CDMP3
Fiddler's GreenKing Sheperd1995CDMP3
Fiddler's GreenMake Up Your Mind1996CDMP3
Fiddler's GreenSpin Around1998CD
Fiddler's GreenStage Box1999CD
Fiddler's GreenAnother Sky2000CD
Fiddler's GreenFolk Raider2002CD
Fiddler's GreenNu Folk2003CD
Fiddler's GreenCELEBRATE!2005CD
FinntrollJaktens Tid2001MP3
FinntrollMidnattens Widunder2004MP3
FinntrollVisor Om Slutet2004MP3
FishLive in Holland1991CD
Five Finger Death PunchThe Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Vol. 12013MP3
Five Finger Death PunchThe Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Vol. 22013MP3
Five Finger Death PunchAnd Justice For None2018MP3
Fleetwood MacThe Best of Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac2002CDMP3
Floor JansenParagon2023MP3
Flowing TearsThy Kingdom Gone2009CDMP3
Follow The CipherFollow The Cipher2018MP3
Foo FightersGreatest Hits2009MP3
Forever StillBreathe in Colours2019MP3
Forgotten TalesPromise2002MP3
Forgotten TalesAll the Sinner2005MP3
Formation BürkholzFormation Bürkholz2021MP3
Fortis VentusVertalia2022MP3
Frank ZappaHot Rats1969MP3
Frank ZappaThe Grand Wazoo / WAKA/JAWAKA1972CDMP3
Frank ZappaBaby Snakes1979MP3
Frank ZappaJoe's Garage Act I, II & III19792CDMP3
Frank ZappaSheik Yerbouti1979CDMP3
Frank ZappaBaby Snakes1983DVD
Frank ZappaDoes Humor Belong In Music?1986DVD
Frank ZappaPlayground Psychotics19922CDMP3
Frank ZappaCapitol Theatre 197820214CDMP3
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of InventionOne Size Fits All1975CDMP3
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of InventionFreak Out!1966CDMP3
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of InventionAbsolutely Free1967CDMP3
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of InventionCruising With Ruben & the Jets1968CDMP3
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of InventionWe're Only In It For The Money / Lumpy Gravy1968CDMP3
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of InventionBurnt Weeny Sandwich1970CDMP3
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of InventionJust Another Band From LA1972MP3
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of InventionApostrophe - Overnite Sensation1973MP3
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of InventionRoxy & Elsewhere1974CDMP3
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of InventionOne Size Fits All1975CDMP3
Freethe best of Free: All Right Now1991CDMP3
Frozen CrownThe Fallen King (Japanese Edition)2018MP3
Frozen CrownCrowned In Frost (Japanese Edition)2019MP3
Frozen CrownWinterbane2021MP3
Frozen CrownCall of the North2023MP3
FrumpyBest Of1997CDMP3
Führs & FröhlingAmmerland1978CDMP3
Future PalaceRun2022MP3
GenesisNursery Cryme1971CDMP3
GenesisSelling England By The Pound1973CDMP3
GenesisThe Lamb Lies Down On Broadway19742CDMP3
GenesisA Trick Of The Tail1976CDMP3
GenesisWind & Wuthering1977CD
GenesisRock Theatre1986CD
GenesisArchive 1967-7519983CDMP3
Gentle GiantAquiring The Taste1971CDMP3
Gentle GiantOctopus1972CDMP3
Gentle GiantPlaying the fool (live)1977MP3
Gentle GiantGentle Giant1990MP3
Gentle GiantOut Of The Woods - The BBC Sessions1997CD
Gentle GiantFree Hand2005MP3
Gentle GiantIn a Glass House2005MP3
Gentle GiantInterview2005MP3
Gentle GiantThe Power and the Glory (35th Anniversary Edition)2005MP3
Gentle GiantThree Friends2008MP3
Gerhard GundermannMänner, Frauen und Maschinen1988CDMP3
Gerhard GundermannFrühstück für immer1995CDMP3
Gerhard GundermannEngel über dem Revier1997CDMP3
Gerhard GundermannTorero... Werkstücke III2005CDMP3
Gerhard Gundermann & Die Wildererwerkstücke II2004CDMP3
Gloomballthe distance2013MP3
GloomballThe Quiet Monster2015MP3
GloryhammerTales From The Kingdom Of Fife2013MP3
GloryhammerSpace 1992: Rise Of The Chaos Wizards2015MP3
GloryhammerLegends From Beyond The Galactic Terrorvortex2019MP3
Gov't MuleThe Deep End (Hidden Treasures)2001CDMP3
Gov't MuleThe Deep End (Vol. 2)2002CDMP3
Gov't MuleThe Deep End (Vol. 1)2007CDMP3
Grahame SmithTouch of Magic2007MP3
GrailknightsMuscle Bound For Glory2022MP3
Grave DiggerTunes Of War1996MP3
Grave DiggerKnights Of The Cross1998MP3
Grave DiggerExcalibur1999MP3
Grave DiggerBallads of a Hangman2009MP3
GraveshadowThe Uncertain Hour2022MP3
GrobschnittRockpommel's Land1977CDMP3
GrobschnittSolar Music Live1978CDMP3
GrüßAugustle punk c'est moi2012CDMP3
Guano ApesProud Like A God1997CDMP3
Guano ApesDon't Give Me Names2000CDMP3
Guano ApesWalking On A Thin Line2003CDMP3
Guano ApesBel Air2011MP3
Guano ApesOffline2014MP3
Guy Evans with Life of Riley & David JacksonThe Long Hello Vol. 41983CDMP3
GwyllionThe Edge Of All I Know2009CDMP3
HaggardAnd Thou Shalt Trust... The Seer1997CDMP3
HaggardAwaking the Centuries2000CDMP3
HaggardAwaking the Gods - Life in Mexico2001CDMP3
HaggardEppur Si Muove - Special Edition2004CD+DVDMP3
HaggardThales Of Itheria2008CDMP3
HalestormInto The Wild Life2015MP3
HaloceneVita Nova (EP)2021MP3
Hans Söllner24125520002CDMP3
Hans ZimmerInception2010MP3
HartlightFrom Midland and Beyond (EP)2022MP3
Heaven Shall BurnOf Truth And Sacrifice2020MP3
Helion PrimeHelion Prime2016MP3
Helion PrimeQuestion Everything2020MP3
Herbert GrönemeyerMensch2002CDMP3
HeveinSound Over Matter2006MP3
HEVIATierra de nadie / no man's land1999CDMP3
HexedPagans Rising2022MP3
HootersDefinitive Collection1995CDMP3
Hugh BantonThe Goldberg Variations2002CDMP3
Hugh BantonThe Planets - Gustav Holst (1874-1934)2009CDMP3
Hugh BantonHB plays JSB on HB32019MP3
Hugh Banton100 Up, vol 12021MP3
HurtsSurrender (Deluxe)2015MP3
HydraMalachite Skies2015MP3
HydraSolar Empire2016MP3
I PrevailLifelines2016MP3
I PrevailTrauma2018MP3
I PrevailTrue Power2022MP3
IgneaThe Sign of Faith2017MP3
IgneaThe Realms of Fire and Death2020MP3
IgneaDreams of Lands Unseen2023MP3
IlluminataA World So Cold2011MP3
IllumishadeECLYPTIC: Wake of Shadows2020MP3
ImperiaFlames of Eternity2019MP3
ImperiaThe Last Horizon2021MP3
Imperial AgeThe Legacy of Atlantis2018MP3
Imperial AgeNew World2022MP3
In ExtremoIn Extremo1997CDMP3
In ExtremoAI VIS LO LOP (Remix)1998CDMP3
In ExtremoDie Verrückten sind in der Stadt1998CDMP3
In ExtremoHameln1998CDMP3
In ExtremoWeckt die Toten!1998CDMP3
In ExtremoVerehrt und Angespien1999CDMP3
In ExtremoSünder ohne Zügel2001CDMP3
In ExtremoLive 20022002CDMP3
In Extremo72003CDMP3
In ExtremoMein rasend Herz2005CDMP3
In ExtremoSängerkrieg2008CDMP3
In ExtremoSterneneisen2010CD+DVDMP3
In ExtremoKunstraub2013CDMP3
In ExtremoQuid Pro Quo2016MP3
In ExtremoKompass zur Sonne (Deluxe)2020MP3
In FlamesSiren Charms2014MP3
In FlamesI, the Mask2019MP3
In LegendBallads 'N' Bullets2011MP3
In LegendStones at Goliath2015MP3
Infinite & DivineSilver Lining2021MP3
Infinite & DivineAscendancy2023MP3
Inner StreamStain the Sea2021MP3
InsomniumArgent Moon (EP)2021MP3
Iron ButterflyIn-A-Gadda-Da-VidaCD
Isao TomitaDebussy: Snowflakes are Dancing1974CDMP3
Isao TomitaMussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition1975CDMP3
Isao TomitaHolst: The Planets1976CDMP3
Isildurs Bane & Peter HammillIn Amazonia2019CDMP3
Isildurs Bane & Peter HammillIn Disequilibrium2021CDMP3
IssaQueen of Broken Hearts2021MP3
Jackson, Banton, Evans, PotterThe Long Hello Vol. 11976LPMP3
Jaded StarRealign2020MP3
Jan HammerMelodies1977MP3
Jan HammerBlack Sheep1979MP3
Jan HammerHammer1979MP3
Jan HammerEscape from TV1991MP3
Jan HammerThe First Seven Days2003MP3
Jan HammerLike Children2006MP3
Jan HammerOh, Yeah?2007MP3
JaneAt Home - live1976MP3
JaneFire, Water, Earth & Air1976CD
Jean Michel JarreOxygene1977MP3
Jethro TullBenefit1970CDMP3
Jethro TullAqualung1971CDMP3
Jethro TullThick As A Brick1972CDMP3
Jethro TullThe Anniversary Collection19932CD
Jethro TullRökFlöte2023MP3
Jethro Tull's Ian AndersonTAAB22012CDMP3
Jethro Tull's Ian AndersonThick As A Brick - Live In Iceland2014MP3
Jimi HendrixAll The Hits1989CDMP3
Jimi HendrixAnthology19933CD
JinjerKing Of Everything2016MP3
John Abercrombie, Jan Hammer, Jack DeJohnetteTimeless1986MP3
John McLaughlinElectric Guitarist1978CDMP3
John McLaughlin with The One Truth BandElectric Dreams1978CDMP3
Judge SmithCurly's Airships20002CDMP3
KalidiaLies' Device2014MP3
KalidiaThe Frozen Throne2018CDMP3
KamelotThe Fourth Legacy1999MP3
KamelotEpica/New Version2003MP3
KamelotThe Black Halo2005MP3
KamelotEpica/New Version2007MP3
KamelotGhost Opera2007MP3
KamelotSiege Perilous/New Version2007MP3
KamelotPoetry for the Poisoned2010MP3
KamelotThe Shadow Theory (Deluxe Version)2018MP3
KamelotHaven (Deluxe)2015MP3
KansasThe Best Of1984CD
KansasThe Prelude Implicit2016MP3
KanticaReborn In Aesthetics2018MP3
KarussellEhrlich will ich bleiben.1995CDMP3
KatatoniaJhva Elohim Meth... The Revival1992MP3
KatatoniaFor Funerals to Come1995MP3
KatatoniaSounds of Decay (MCD)1997MP3
KatatoniaSaw You Drown1998MP3
KatatoniaDiscouraged Ones1999MP3
KatatoniaTonight's Decision1999MP3
KatatoniaBrave Murder Day2001MP3
KatatoniaLast Fair Deal Gone Down2001MP3
KatatoniaTonight's Music2001MP3
KatatoniaDance of December Souls2003MP3
KatatoniaViva Emptiness2003MP3
KatatoniaBrave Yester Days2004MP3
KatatoniaThe Great Cold Distance2006MP3
KatraBeast Within2008MP3
KatraOut Of The Ashes2010CDMP3
KeimzeitBunte Scherben1993CDMP3
KeimzeitNachtvorstellung Live19962CDMP3
KeimzeitIm elektromagnetischen Feld.1998CD
KeimzeitSmart und gelassen warten2001CD
KerionCloudriders: Age of Cyborgs2022MP3
King CrimsonIn The Court of The Crimson King1969CDMP3
King CrimsonIn The Wake Of Poseidon1970CDMP3
King CrimsonLizard1970CDMP3
King CrimsonIslands1971CDMP3
King CrimsonLark's Tongues In Aspik1973CDMP3
King CrimsonFigurines of The Virgin Mary1974CDMP3
King CrimsonRED1974CDMP3
King CrimsonStarless And Bible Black1974CDMP3
King CrimsonThe Virgin Mary19742CD
King CrimsonDiscipline1981CDMP3
King CrimsonBeat1982CDMP3
King CrimsonTHRAK1994CDMP3
King CrimsonSometimes God Hides: The Young Person's Guide To Discipline1996CD
King CrimsonTHRaKaTTaK1996CDMP3
King CrimsonSometimes God Smiles -The Young Person's Guide To Discipline Vol.II1998CD
King CrimsonThe construKction of light2000CDMP3
King CrimsonLadies of The Road20022CDMP3
King CrimsonUSA - 30th Anniversary Edition2002CDMP3
King CrimsonEarthbound - 30th Anniversary Edition2003CDMP3
King CrimsonRadical Action (To Unseat The Hold Of Monkey Mind)20163CD+BRMP3
King CrimsonThe Many Faces Of KING CRIMSON20163CDMP3
King CrimsonMeltdown - Live In Mexico 20172018MP3
King CrimsonMusic Is Our Friend (Live in Washington and Albany, 2021)2021MP3
Kings WinterEdge Of Existence2021MP3
Kivimetsän DruidiBetrayal Justice Revenge2010CDMP3
Klaus Renft ComboKlaus Renft Combo1973CDMP3
Klaus Renft ComboRenft No.22006CDMP3
Klaus SchulzeMoondawn1976CDMP3
Klaus SchulzeX1978MP3
Klaus SchulzeMoonlake2005MP3
Kobra And The LotusPrevail I2017MP3
Kobra And The LotusPrevail II2018MP3
KorpiklaaniSpirit of the Forest2003MP3
KorpiklaaniVoice of Wilderness2005MP3
KraftklubKeine Nacht für Niemand2017MP3
KrypteriaBloodangel's Cry2007CDMP3
L'me ImmortelleLieder die wie Wunden bluten1997MP3
L'me ImmortelleIn einer Zukunft aus Tränen und Stahl1998MP3
L'me ImmortelleWenn der letzte Schatten fällt1999MP3
L'me ImmortelleDann habe ich umsonst gelebt2001MP3
L'me ImmortelleAls die Liebe starb2002MP3
L'me ImmortelleGezeiten (Limited Edition)2004MP3
L'me ImmortelleAuf Deinen Schwingen (Premium)2006MP3
La BrassBandaHabediehre2008MP3
Lacuna CoilIn A Reverie1999CDMP3
Lacuna CoilHalf Life2000MP3
Lacuna CoilUnleashed Memories2001MP3
Lacuna CoilComalies2002CDMP3
Lacuna Coillive paris (la locomotive)2002MP3
Lacuna CoilLacuna Coil2004MP3
Lacuna CoilKarmacode2006CDMP3
Lacuna CoilVisual Carma (Body, Mind And Soul)20083DVD+CD
Lacuna CoilShallow Life2009CDMP3
Lacuna CoilDark Adrenaline2012CDMP3
Lacuna CoilBroken Crown Halo2014MP3
Lacuna CoilDelirium2016MP3
Lacuna CoilThe 119 Show - Live In London20182CD+DVDMP3
Lacuna CoilBlack Anima2019MP3
Lacuna CoilLive From The Apocalypse2021MP3
Lacuna CoilComalies XX2022MP3
Last Days of EdenButterflies2021MP3
LeahThe Quest2018MP3
LeahAncient Winter2019MP3
Leaves' EyesLovelorn2004MP3
Leaves' EyesNjord2009CDMP3
Leaves' EyesWe Came With The Northern Wind - En Saga I Belgia 20092DVD+2CDMP3
Leaves' EyesMeredead2011CD+DVDMP3
Leaves' EyesSymphonies Of The Night2013MP3
Leaves' EyesKing of Kings2015MP3
Leaves' EyesFires in the North2016MP3
Leaves' EyesSign Of The Dragonhead20182CDMP3
Leaves' EyesBlack Butterfly (EP)2020CDMP3
Leaves' EyesThe Last Viking2020MP3
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin I1969CDMP3
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin IV1971MP3
Led ZeppelinBBC Sessions19972CDMP3
Led ZeppelinCelebration Day2012MP3
Leonard CohenGreatest Hits1989CDMP3
Letzte InstanzBrachialromantik1997CDMP3
Letzte InstanzDas Spiel...sich im Kreise dreht 1999CDMP3
Letzte InstanzKalter Glanz2001CDMP3
Letzte InstanzGötter auf Abruf2003CDMP3
Letzte InstanzLive2004CD
Letzte InstanzIns Licht2006CDMP3
Letzte InstanzDas weisse Lied - Lim. Edt.20072CDMP3
Letzte InstanzWir sind Gold2007CDMP3
Letzte InstanzWeisse Reise - Live in Dresden2008CD
Letzte InstanzWeißgold20082DVD
Letzte InstanzSchuldig2009CDMP3
Letzte InstanzHeilig2010CDMP3
Letzte InstanzEwig2012CDMP3
Letzte Instanz15 Jahre Brachialromantic2013DVDMP3
LiftDie Schönsten Balladen1996CDMP3
Light And ShadeThe Essence Of Everything2016MP3
Light TheoryThe Lifetime of a Spark2021MP3
Limp BizkitResults May Vary2003MP3
Limp BizkitThe Unquestionable Truth (Part 1)2005MP3
Lindsay SchoolcraftMartyr2019MP3
Lindsay SchoolcraftWorlds Away2020MP3
Lindsey StirlingLindsey Stirling2013MP3
Lindsey StirlingShatter Me2014MP3
Lindsey StirlingLive From London2015DVDMP3
Linkin ParkHybrid Theory2000MP3
Linkin ParkReanimation2002MP3
Linkin ParkLive In Texas2003MP3
Linkin ParkMeteora2003MP3
Linkin ParkMinutes To Midnight2007MP3
Linkin ParkSongs from the Underground2008MP3
Linkin ParkThe Hunting Party Disc 12014MP3
Linkin ParkOne More Light2017MP3
Liv Kristineenter my religion2006CDMP3
Liv KristineSkintight2010CDMP3
Liv KristineVervain2014MP3
Liv KristineHave Courage Dear Heart (EP)2021MP3
Liv KristineLiv(E) In Nagold 2019 (EP)2021MP3
Liv KristineRiver of Diamonds2023MP3
Lord Of The LostEmpyrean2016MP3
Lord Of The LostThornstar2018MP3
Lorna ShoreImmortal2020MP3
Lorna ShoreAnd I Return To Nothingness (EP)2021MP3
Lorna ShorePain Remains2022MP3
Lou ReedTransformer1972MP3
Lou Reed & MetallicaLULU2011MP3
LuciferLucifer II2018MP3
LuciferLucifer III2020MP3
LuciferLucifer IV2021MP3
LumskDet Vilde Kor2007CDMP3
LunaticaFables & Dreams2004MP3
LyrielParanoid Circus2010MP3
LyrielParanoid Circus2011MP3
LyrielSkin and Bones2014MP3
Magnus KarlssonHeart Healer - The Metal Opera2021MP3
Mahavishnu OrchestraThe Inner Mounting Flame1972CDMP3
Mahavishnu OrchestraBirds Of Fire1973CDMP3
Mahavishnu OrchestraApocalypse1974CDMP3
Mahavishnu OrchestraBetween Nothingness & Eternity1974CDMP3
Mahavishnu OrchestraVisions Of The Emerald Beyond1975CDMP3
Make Them SufferHow to Survive a Funeral2020MP3
MandrakeCalm the Seas2003MP3
Mannfred Mann's EarthbandThe Very Best Of Vol. 1 & 2 19932CDMP3
Manuel GöttschingInventions For Electric Guitar1974CDMP3
Maria MenaApparently Unaffected2005MP3
MarillionMisplaced Childhood1985CDMP3
Mark KnopflerSailing To Philadelphia2000CDMP3
MasquedThe Light in the Dark2017MP3
MasquedWhen Demons Call2023MP3
Meat LoafLive In Concert1978CD
Meden AganLacrima Dei2014MP3
Meden AganCatharsis2018MP3
MetaliteA Virtual World (Japanese Edition)2021MP3
MetallicaS & M19992CDMP3
MetallicaDeath Magnetic2008MP3
MetalwingsFallen Angel in the Hell2016MP3
MetalwingsFor All Beyond2018MP3
Michael RotherFlammende Herzen1977MP3
MidnattsolWhere Twilight Dwells2005MP3
MidnattsolNORDLYS - Limited Edition2008CDMP3
MidnattsolThe Metamorphosis Melody2011CD+DVDMP3
MidnattsolThe Aftermath2018MP3
Midnight EternalMidnight Eternal2016MP3
Mike OldfieldTubular Bells1973CDMP3
MolllustMother Universe2022MP3
Mono Inc.After The War2012MP3
Mono hades2012MP3
Mono Inc.Nimmermehr2013MP3
Mono Inc.Welcome To Hell20182CDMP3
Mono Inc.Symphonic Live2019MP3
Mono Inc.The Book Of Fire (CD1)2020MP3
Mono Inc.Ravenblack2023MP3
MonoblockBlutige Jahre2004MP3
Moondog & the london saxophonicsax pax for a sax1994CD
Moonlight HazeDe Rerum Natura2019MP3
Moonlight HazeLunaris2020MP3
Moonlight HazeAnimus2022MP3
Moonlight HazeIt's Insane (Single)2022MP3
MoonspellSin / Pecado1997CDMP3
Moonspellthe butterfly effect1999CDMP3
MoonspellDarkness And Hope2001CDMP3
MoonspellThe Antidote2003CDMP3
MoonspellNight Eternal - Limited Edition2008CD+DVDMP3
MoonspellAlpha Noir20122CDMP3
MoonspellExtinct (Deluxe)2015MP3
MoonspellLisboa Under the Spell2018BR+3CDMP3
MoonspellHermitage (limited edition promo)2021MP3
MoonspellFrom Down Below - Live 80 Meters Deep2022MP3
Morricone, Ennio - performanced by M.A.S.S.Spiel mir das Lied vom TodCD
Mortal LoveAll the Beauty2002MP3
Mortal LoveI Have Lost2005MP3
Motionless In WhiteDisguise2019MP3
Motionless In WhiteScoring The End Of The World2022MP3
Motive BlackAuburn2023MP3
MountainTwin Peaks1974CDMP3
MunarheimWillens & frei2019MP3
MunarheimStolzes Wesen Mensch (Remixed & Remastered)2022MP3
MuseThe Resistance2009MP3
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade2006MP3
MystfallCelestial Vision2023MP3
Nanowar Of SteelStairway To Valhalla (Re-Issue)2020MP3
NektarRemember The Future1973MP3
NektarA Tab In The Ocean2013MP3
NemeseaThe Quiet Resistance2012MP3
NemeseaWhite Flag2019MP3
NergardEternal White2021MP3
NeverwinterAir Castle2019MP3
Nic PotterSelf Contained1987CDMP3
Nic PotterDreams In View 81-871988CDMP3
Nic PotterBlue Zone1990CDMP3
Nic PotterDreamworld1997CDMP3
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsMurder Ballads1996CDMP3
NightwishAngels Fall First1997CD
NightwishAngels Fall First (Korea edition)1997MP3
NightwishSleeping Sun (Limited)1999MP3
NightwishFrom Wishes To Eternity (live)2001MP3
NightwishOver the Hills and Far Away2001MP3
NightwishWishmastour 20002001MP3
NightwishCentury Child2002MP3
NightwishEnd Of Innocence (Live Bonus CD)2003MP3
NightwishLive in Oberhausen 11 Jan 20032003MP3
NightwishThe Beauty of the Beast2003MP3
NightwishAngels Fall First2004MP3
NightwishTales From The Elvenpath - Best Of2004MP3
NightwishDark Passion Play20072CDMP3
NightwishMade In Hong Kong (And In Various Other Places)2009CD+DVDMP3
NightwishEndless Forms Most Beautiful2015MP3
NightwishVehicle Of Spirit20162BR
NightwishDecades: Live in Buenos Aires2019MP3
NightwishHUMAN. :II: NATURE.2020MP3
NiovelLong Way from Neverland2022MP3
NiovelNever Strangers2023MP3
NirvanaUnplugged In New York1994CD
NoageFrom Darkness to Life2023MP3
NocturnaDaughters Of The Night (Japanese Edition)2022MP3
OknosFrom Ashes2022MP3
Olaf SchubertMeisterwerke selbstgemacht2005CDMP3
Olaf SchubertMeine Kämpfe2009MP3
Olaf SchubertWie Ich die Welt retten würde2010MP3
Osanna & David JacksonProg Family2009CDMP3
Osanna feat. David Jackson & Gianni LeoneProg Exhibition 2010 - Live in Rome2014CDMP3
Paddy Goes To HolyheadPaddyTales2000CDMP3
Paddy Goes To HolyheadAcoustic Nights2004CDMP3
Page & PlantWalking Into Clarksdale1998CDMP3
Pagliuca, Tony & Jackson, DavidRe-Collage2004CD
PainDancing With the Dead2005MP3
PainNothing Remains the Same2006MP3
PainPsalms of Extinction2007MP3
PainCynic Paradise2008MP3
PainYou Only Live Twice2011MP3
PainComing Home2016MP3
Panta RheiDas Beste2008CDMP3
Papa RoachInfest2002MP3
Papa Roachlovehatetragedy2002MP3
Papa RoachGetting Away With Murder2004MP3
Papa RoachThe Paramour Sessions2006MP3
Papa RoachMetamorphosis2009MP3
Papa RoachThe Connection2010MP3
Papa RoachF.E.A.R.2015MP3
Papa RoachCrooked Teeth2017MP3
Paradise LostDraconian Times1995MP3
Paradise LostGothic2003MP3
Paradise LostParadise Lost/Basisversion2005MP3
Paradise LostThe Plague Within - Special Edition2015MP3
Parkway DriveIre2015MP3
Parkway DriveReverence2018MP3
Parkway DriveDarker Still2022MP3
PegasusDragons Of Hope2002CD
PersephoneAtma Gyan2004MP3
Peter FoxAlles Neu CDM2008MP3
Peter FoxStadtaffe2008MP3
Peter GabrielPeter Gabriel 21978CDMP3
Peter GabrielPeter Gabriel 3 - ein deutsches album1980CDMP3
Peter GabrielPeter Gabriel 1 remastered2002CDMP3
Peter GabrielPeter Gabriel 4 remastered2002CDMP3
Peter GabrielUS remastered2002CDMP3
Peter HammillFool's Mate1972CD
Peter HammillChameleon in the Shadow of the Night1973CD
Peter HammillCossato '731973CDMP3
Peter HammillIn Camera1974CD
Peter HammillThe Silent Corner And The Empty Stage1974CD
Peter HammillNadir's Big Chance1975CD
Peter HammillOver1976CD
Peter HammillAgain1978CDMP3
Peter HammillNameless and Untitled1978LPMP3
Peter HammillSkeletons Of Songs19782CD
Peter HammillThe Future Now1978CD
Peter HammillModern19792CD
Peter HammillpH71979CD
Peter HammillA Black Box1980CD
Peter HammillA Stranger A Worldly Man1981CDMP3
Peter HammillHouse With No Door1981MP3
Peter HammillLive At Rockpalast - Hamburg 198119812CD+DVDMP3
Peter HammillLive At Tenax, Florence, November 19th, 19811981MP3
Peter HammillMusic Box1981CD
Peter HammillOphelia1981CDMP3
Peter HammillSitting Targets1981CD
Peter HammillEnter K1982CD
Peter HammillLive at Theater der Jugend Munich, 04.11.19821982CDMP3
Peter HammillThe Secret Asteroid Jungle1982CD
Peter HammillKolna Dan, Tel Aviv, Israel, 1983-08-2319832CD
Peter HammillLoops and Reels1983CD
Peter HammillOn Location1983LP
Peter HammillPatience1983CD
Peter HammillSoliloquy1983CD
Peter HammillVoices1983CDMP3
Peter HammillThe Love Songs1984CD
Peter HammillStill Live at Germany1985CDMP3
Peter HammillThe Margin1985CD
Peter HammillTime For A Change19852CD
Peter HammillAnd Close As This1986CD
Peter HammillSkin1986CD
Peter HammillThe Essential Collection - 12 Classic Tracks1986CD
Peter HammillFarewell My Lovely1987MP3
Peter HammillIn A Foreign Town1988CD
Peter HammillSpur Of The Moments1988CD
Peter HammillToo Many Of My Yesterdays1988MP3
Peter HammillOn Location1990MP3
Peter HammillOut Of Water1990CD
Peter HammillRoom Temperature Life19902CD
Peter HammillThe Marinal Vox19902CDMP3
Peter HammillA Stranger Still19912CD
Peter HammillThe Fall of the House of Usher1991CD
Peter HammillWhat The Stars Did Tell Me When I Was...1991CD
Peter HammillA Fix on The Mix1992CD
Peter HammillA Way Out19922CD
Peter HammillFireships1992CD
Peter HammillIn The Passionskirche1992MP3
Peter HammillLive at HR3, Frankfurt (Main) April 7th, 19921992MP3
Peter HammillStations Of A Lonesome Trip1992CD
Peter HammillOffensichtlich Goldfisch1993CD
Peter HammillThe Calm (After The Storm)1993CD
Peter HammillThe Noise1993CD
Peter HammillThe Storm (Before The Calm)1993CD
Peter HammillThere Goes the Daylight (Live in London)1993CD
Peter HammillRoaring Forties1994CD
Peter Hammill....If You Haven't Got It Yet, David19952CD
Peter HammillThe Peel Sessions1995CD
Peter HammillAfter The Show - A Collection1996CD
Peter HammillLive at Barbican Center, London 17-05-19961996MP3
Peter HammillPAST GO: Collected1996CD
Peter HammillSonix - Hybrid Experiments 1996CD
Peter Hammilltides1996CD
Peter HammillX my Heart1996CD
Peter HammillEveryone You Hold1997CD
Peter HammillThe Union Chapel Concert19972CD
Peter HammillLive Station - Dortmund 10.12.19981998MP3
Peter HammillThis1998CD
Peter HammillThe Appointed Hour1999CD
Peter HammillThe Fall of the House of Usher (deconstructed & rebuilt)1999CD
Peter HammillTypical - Solo Performances1999CD
Peter HammillNone Of The Above2000CD
Peter HammillFabrik Hamburg 10.01.200120012CD
Peter HammillThe Margin +20012CD
Peter HammillThe Thin Man Sings Ballads2001CD
Peter HammillUnsung2001CD
Peter Hammillwhat, now?2001CD
Peter HammillCLUTCH2002CD
Peter Hammillincoherence2004CD
Peter HammillLive at the "Teatro Auditorium" July 30th 1994, Mar del Plata, Argentina2005DVD
Peter HammillSingularity2006CDMP3
Peter HammillVeracious2006CD
Peter HammillThin Air2009CDMP3
Peter HammillPNO GTR VOX - Live Performances20112CDMP3
Peter Hammillconsequences2012CDMP3
Peter HammillPNO GTR VOX BOX - Eighty-Four Live Performances20127CD
Peter Hammill...all that might have been...20143CDMP3
Peter HammillFrom The Trees2017CDMP3
Peter HammillX2018CDMP3
Peter HammillNOT YET NOT NOW20197CDMP3
Peter HammillIn Translation2021CDMP3
Peter Hammill / Gary LucasOther World2014CDMP3
Peter Hammill with The K GroupThe K Box20194CDMP3
Peter Heppnersolo2008MP3
PhantasmaThe Deviant Hearts2015MP3
Phantom EliteWasteland2017MP3
Phantom EliteTitanium2021MP3
Phantom EliteBlue Blood2023MP3
Pink FloydPiper At The Gates Of Dawn1967MP3
Pink FloydA Saucerful Of Secrets1968CDMP3
Pink FloydAtom Heart Mother1970MP3
Pink FloydMeddle1971MP3
Pink FloydMeddled1971MP3
Pink FloydObscured By Clouds1972CDMP3
Pink FloydDark Side Of The Moon1973CDMP3
Pink FloydWish You Were Here1975CDMP3
Pink FloydAnimals1977MP3
Pink FloydThe Wall19792CDMP3
Pink FloydThe Final Cut1983CDMP3
Pink FloydWorks1983CDMP3
Pink FloydA Momentary Lapse Of Reason1987CDMP3
Pink FloydThe Division Bell1994CDMP3
Pink FloydLondon '66 - '671995CDMP3
Pink FloydThe Endless River2014MP3
Poison GardenArmy Of Dreamers2022MP3
Potentia AnimiDas Erste Gebet2004CD
PotheadWeb Mix 42010MP3
PotheadWeb Mix 62013MP3
PotheadWeb Mix 72014MP3
PotheadWeb Mix 82017MP3
Potter/EvansThe Long Hello Vol. 21980LPMP3
PowerwolfBlood of the Saints2011MP3
PowerwolfPreachers of the Night2013MP3
PowerwolfBlessed and Possessed2015MP3
PowerwolfThe Sacrament Of Sin (2CD)2018MP3
PowerwolfCall of the Wild (Deluxe Version)2021MP3
Procol HarumProcol Harum1967MP3
Procol HarumShine On Brightly1968MP3
Procol HarumA Salty Dog1969MP3
Procol HarumIn Concert With The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra1971CDMP3
Procol HarumThe Best Of1989CDMP3
Procol HarumNovum2017MP3
QNTALOZYMANDIAS (ltd. Edition)2005MP3
QNTALSilver Swan2006MP3
QueenLive Magic1986CDMP3
QueenGreatest Hits II1991CDMP3
QueenMade In Heaven1995CDMP3
Rage Of LightImploder2019MP3
Rage Of LightRedemption2021MP3
Rainald Grebe19682008MP3
Rainald GrebeDas Konkongkonzert2009CDMP3
Rainald Grebe & Die Kapelle Der VersöhnungVolksmusik2007MP3
Raining NailsHuman Deeds2023MP3
Rave The ReqviemStigmata Itch2020MP3
Rave The ReqviemEX-EDEN2023MP3
Reasons BehindProject: M.I.S.T.2020MP3
Reasons BehindArchitecture of an Ego2023MP3
ReformBest Of Reform2002CDMP3
RegicideBreak the Silence2006MP3
Remember TwilightMusik über Niedergang Verderben2010MP3
Return To ForeverRomantic Warrior1976MP3
RexoriaQueen Of Light2018MP3
RexoriaIce Breaker2019MP3
RexoriaImperial Dawn2023MP3
Rhapsody of FireThe Frozen Tears of Angels2010MP3
Rick WakemanThe Six Wifes Of Henry VIII1973CDMP3
Rick WakemanReturn to the Centre of the Earth1999MP3
Rick WakemanRetro2006MP3
Rick WakemanRetro 22007MP3
Rick WakemanRick Wakeman's Criminal Record2007MP3
Rise AgainstThe Sufferer & The Witness2006MP3
Rise AgainstAppeal To Reason2008MP3
Rise AgainstEndgame2011MP3
Rise AgainstWolves2017MP3
Rise AgainstThe Ghost Note Symphonies, Vol. 12018MP3
Rise AgainstNowhere Generation2021MP3
Robert FrippExposure1979CDMP3
Robert FrippExposure1979CDMP3
Roger ChapmanChappo - 2014 Deluxe Edition1979MP3
Roger WatersAmused To Death1992CD
Roger WatersIn the Flesh20002CDMP3
Roger WatersParkbühne Wuhlheide, Berlin, GER 8. June 20062006MP3
Rolling StonesDirty Work1994MP3
Rolling StonesGoats Head Soup1994MP3
Rolling StonesBlack and Blue1995MP3
Rory GallagherTattoo1973MP3
Rory GallagherAgainst The Grain1975MP3
Rory GallagherTop Priority1979CDMP3
Roxy MusicVIVA!1976CDMP3
SabatonThe Last Stand2018MP3
SabatonThe Great War2019MP3
SabatonThe War to End All Wars2022MP3
SabatonStories From The Western Front2023MP3
Saltatio MortisErwachen (Limited Edition)2004MP3
Saltatio MortisAus der Asche2007CDMP3
Saltatio MortisWer Wind Saet2009CDMP3
Saltatio MortisZirkus Zeitgeist (Limited Deluxe Edition)2015MP3
Saltatio MortisBrot und Spiele (Deluxe Edition)2018MP3
Saltatio MortisFür Immer Frei2020MP3
Samsas TraumNostalgia2001MP3
Samsas TraumIpsissima Verba2002MP3
Samsas TraumArachnoidea Oder Von Babalon..2003MP3
Samsas TraumTineoidea Oder: die Folgen..(2003MP3
Samsas TraumEndstation Eden2004MP3
Samsas TraumA.Ura2006MP3
Samsas TraumDie Liebe Gottes2006MP3
Samsas TraumHeiliges Herz - Das Schwert Deiner Sonne2007MP3
Samsas TraumWenn schwarzer Regen2007MP3
Samsas Traum13 Jahre lang dagegen - Anti bis zum Tod2009MP3
Samsas TraumAnleitung zum Totsein2011MP3
Sandra NasicThe Signal2007CDMP3
SantanaBest Of SantanaCD
Saro Cosentino- ones and zeros -1997CDMP3
Saro CosentinoThe Road To Now2022MP3
Sascha Paeth's Masters Of CeremonySigns Of Wings2019MP3
SBBAnthology 1974 - 2004200422CD
SBBIron Curtain2009MP3
Scarlet DornBlood Red Bouquet2021MP3
Scarlet DornQueen of Broken Dreams2022MP3
SchandmaulWahre Helden2000MP3
SchandmaulVon Spitzbuben und anderen Halunken2001MP3
SchandmaulWie Pech & Schwefel2004MP3
SchandmaulHexenkessel (Live)2005MP3
SchandmaulMit Leib und Seele2006MP3
Scorpions & Berliner PhilharmonikerMonent Of Glory2000CD
Secret RuleThe 7 Endless2019MP3
Secret RuleAgainst2020MP3
Secret RuleMea Culpa2021MP3
Secret RuleThe Resilient2022MP3
Secret RuleUNInVERSE2023MP3
SemblantLast Night Of Mortality2010MP3
SemblantLunar Manifesto2014MP3
SemblantVermilion Eclipse2022MP3
SengirGuilty Water2004MP3
SepsissAlmost 112020MP3
SeraphimThe soul that never Dies2001MP3
SeraphimThe Equal Spirit2002MP3
Seven SpiresSolveig2017MP3
Seven SpiresEmerald Seas2020MP3
Seven SpiresGods of Debauchery2021MP3
Seven SpiresLive at Progpower USA XXI2023MP3
SeviThe Battle Never Ends2016MP3
Shadow of IntentMelancholy2019MP3
Shadow of IntentElegy2022MP3
Shakti with John McLaughlinA Handful Of Beauty1976CDMP3
Shakti with John McLaughlinNatural Elements1977CDMP3
Shakti with John McLaughlinShakti - Live1975CDMP3
She Must BurnUmbra Mortis2022MP3
SickSense & Vicky PsarakisKings Today2022MP3
SillyBest Of Silly - Vol. 11996CDMP3
SillyBest Of Silly - Vol. 21997CD
SillyAlles Rot2010MP3
SillyKopf an Kopf2013CDMP3
Silly + Gundermann & SeilschaftUnplugged19942CD
Simon & GarfunkelSounds Of Silence1965CDMP3
Simon & GarfunkelParsley, Sage, Rosemary And Thyme1966CDMP3
Simon & GarfunkelBookends1968CDMP3
SinheresYOut of Connection2019MP3
SinheresYEvent Horizon2023MP3
SireniaAt Sixes and Sevens2002MP3
SireniaAn Elixir for Existence2004MP3
SireniaThe Seventh Life Path2015MP3
SireniaArcane Astral Aeons2018MP3
SireniaRiddles, Ruins & Revelations2021MP3
Skarlett RiotInvicta2021MP3
SkilletAwake (Deluxe)2009MP3
SkilletUnleashed Beyond2017MP3
SkycladThe Wayward Sons Of Mother Earth1991CDMP3
SkycladJonah's Ark1993CDMP3
SkycladThe Silent Whales of Lunar Sea1995MP3
SkycladOui Avant-garde Change1996CDMP3
SkycladBurnt Offering...1997MP3
SkycladThe Answer Machine ?1997CDMP3
SkycladIrrational Anthems1999MP3
SkycladVintage Wine1999CDMP3
SkycladPrince of the Poverty Line2003MP3
SkycladTracks from the Wilderness2003MP3
Slash's SnakepitIt's Five O'Clock Somewhere1995CD
Slaughter to PrevailKostolom2021MP3
Sleeping RomanceEnlighten2013MP3
Sleeping RomanceAlba2017MP3
Sleeping RomanceWe All Are Shadows2022MP3
Snow White BloodHope Springs Eternal2020MP3
SolarusA Dance With Tragedy2021MP3
Sonata ArcticaThe Days Of Grays2009MP3
SpiritboxEternal Blue2021MP3
Stanley ClarkeThe Stanley Clarke Band2010MP3
Status QuoMa Kelly's Greasy Spoon1971MP3
Stephan TrepteMein Herz soll ein Wasser sein - Das andere Porträt2005CDMP3
Stern Combo MeissenWeisses Gold1978CDMP3
Stern Combo MeissenHITS1996CDMP3
Steve HackettPlease Don't Touch1978CDMP3
Steve HackettSpectral Mornings1979MP3
Steve HackettThe Total Experience Live In Liverpool20162CD+2DVDMP3
Steve HackettFoxtrot at Fifty + Hackett Highlights Live in Brighton20232CD+BRMP3
Steven WilsonThe Raven That Refused to Sing And Other Stories2013MP3
StilbruchAlles kann passieren2013CDMP3
StingFields Of Gold - The Best Of Sting 1984-19941994CDMP3
Stitched Up HeartDarkness2020MP3
Stitched Up HeartTo The Wolves2023MP3
Stranglers and FriendsLive In Concert1995CD
Stream Of PassionEmbrace The Storm2005MP3
Stream Of PassionThe Flame Within2009CDMP3
Stream Of PassionDarker Days2011MP3
Stream Of PassionA War Of Our Own2014MP3
Stream Of PassionBeautiful Warrior (EP)2023MP3
String Driven ThingString Driven Thing1972CDMP3
String Driven ThingThe Machine That Cied - The band's official version1973MP3
String Driven ThingDI$CHOTOMY: The Rarities 1971 - 19742004MP3
Subway To SallyAlbum 19941994CDMP3
Subway To SallyMCMXCV1995CDMP3
Subway To SallyFoppt den Dämon1996CDMP3
Subway To SallyBannkreis1997CDMP3
Subway To SallyHochzeit1999CDMP3
Subway To SallySCHREI !2000CD
Subway To SallyHerzblut2001CDMP3
Subway To SallyEngelskrieger2003CDMP3
Subway To SallySieben2005MP3
Subway To SallyNackt2006CD+DVDMP3
Subway To SallyBastard2007CDMP3
Subway To SallySchlachthof - Bastard Tour2008CD+DVD
Subway To SallyKreuzfeuer2009CDMP3
Subway To SallyNackt II2010CD+DVDMP3
Subway To SallySchwarz in Schwarz2011CD+DVDMP3
Subway To SallyMitgift2014CD+DVDMP3
Subway To SallyNEON live2017MP3
Subway To SallyHEY! - Fan Edition2019CD+DVDMP3
Subway To SallyHimmelfahrt2023MP3
SuddenlashSoul's Revenge2013MP3
SündenrauschOriginal Sin2022MP3
SynergyElectronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra1975CDMP3
Tales Of EveningA New Dawn Awaits2019MP3
Tangerine DreamRicochet - Live1975CDMP3
Tangerine DreamRubicon1975CDMP3
Tangerine DreamENCORE Live1977CDMP3
Tangerine DreamSORCERER1977CDMP3
Tangerine DreamForce Majeure (1995 Digital Remaster)1979MP3
Tangerine DreamTangram (1995 Digital Remaster)1980MP3
Tangerine DreamLogos (Live At The Dominion London '82 - 1995 Digital Remaster)1982MP3
Tangerine DreamQuantum Gate2017MP3
TanzwutLabyrinth der Sinne2000CDMP3
TarjaMy Winterstorm2007CD+DVDMP3
TarjaWhat Lies Beneath2010CDMP3
TarjaAct I2012CDMP3
TarjaColours In The Dark2013CDMP3
TarjaLuna Park Ride20152CDMP3
TarjaThe Brightest Void2016MP3
TarjaAct II 20182CDMP3
TarjaIn The Raw2019MP3
TarjaDark Christmas2023MP3
TarjaRocking Heels: Live at Metal Church2023MP3
TemperanceThe Earth Embraces Us All2016MP3
TemperanceOf Jupiter And Moons2018MP3
TemperanceMelodies of Green and Blue (EP)2021MP3
TemperanceHermitage - Daruma's Eyes Part 22023MP3
Ten Years AfterTen Years After1967MP3
Ten Years AfterStonedhenge1969MP3
The Allman Brothers BandThe Fillmore Concerts19712CDMP3
The Allman Brothers BandEat A Peach1972CDMP3
The Allman Brothers BandSeven Turns1990CDMP3
The Allman Brothers BandShades Of Two Worlds1991CDMP3
The Allman Brothers BandAn Evening With The Allman Brothers Band - First Set1992CDMP3
The Allman Brothers BandThe Collection1992CDMP3
The Allman Brothers BandWhere It All Begins1994CDMP3
The Allman Brothers BandAn Evening With The Allman Brothers Band: 2nd Set1995CDMP3
The Birthday MassacreImaginary Monster2011MP3
The Birthday MassacreHide And Seek2012MP3
The Birthday MassacreFascination2022MP3
The BossHossDo Or Die2009MP3
The BossHossLiberty Of Action (Black Edtion)2012MP3
The BossHossFlames Of Fame2013MP3
The BossHossDos Bros (Deluxe Version)2015MP3
The BossHossBlack Is Beautiful2018MP3
The Chronomaster ProjectThe Android Messiah2022MP3
The Crimson ProjeKCtOfficial Bootleg - Tokyo, March 17, 20132013MP3
The Dark ElementThe Dark Element2017MP3
The Dark ElementSongs The Night Sings2019MP3
The Dark Side of the MoonJenny of Oldstones (Single)2021MP3
The Dark Side of the MoonMay It Be (Single)2022MP3
The Dark Side of the MoonMetamorphosis2023MP3
The DoorsAbsolutely Live 1970MP3
The DoorsLive In Concert1970CDMP3
The DoorsLight My Fire1991CDMP3
The DoorsAlabama Song1997CDMP3
The DoorsThe Best Of20002CDMP3
The End Of MelancholyPlaying with Shadows (EP)2017MP3
The End Of MelancholyParadox Intention2019MP3
The End Of MelancholyMonster's Feeling (Single)2020MP3
The ErinyesThe Erinyes2022MP3
The InchtabokatablesInchtomanie1992CDMP3
The InchtabokatablesWhite Sheep1992CDMP3
The InchtabokatablesUltra1994CDMP3
The InchtabokatablesQuiet1997CDMP3
The InchtabokatablesÜbertrieben1997CDMP3
The InchtabokatablesToo loud1998CDMP3
The InchtabokatablesMitten im Krieg2001CDMP3
The InchtabokatablesUltimate live20022CDMP3
The Letter BlackThe Letter Black2021MP3
The Loudest SilenceAesthetic Illusion2018MP3
The Pale Orchestra conducted by David ThomasMirror Man - Act 1: Jack & The General1998CD
The PoliceOutlandos D'Amour1978CDMP3
The PoliceReggatta De Blanc1979CDMP3
The Rome Pro(G)jectThe Rome Pro(G)ject2012MP3
The Rome Pro(G)jectOf Fate And Glory2016MP3
The Rome Pro(G)jectExeji Monumentum Aere Perenneius2017MP3
The Rome Pro(G)jectCompendium Of A Lifetime2022CDMP3
The StormBad Luck2010MP3
The TangentThe Music That Died Alone2003CDMP3
The WHOTommy1969CDMP3
The WHOWho's next - Remixed & Digitally Remastered1995CDMP3
Theatre Of TragedyVelvet Darkness They Fear2004CDMP3
Theatre Of TragedyStorm2006CDMP3
Theatre Of TragedyLast Curtain Call2011DVD+CDMP3
Theatres des VampiresIn Nomine Sanguinis2021MP3
TherionCrowning of Atlantis1999MP3
TherionBells Of Doom2001MP3
TherionBeyond Sanctorum2001MP3
TherionSecret of the Runes2003MP3
TherionSirius B2004MP3
TherionAtlantis Lucid Dreaming2005MP3
TherionGothic Kabbalah20072CDMP3
TherionLive Gothic20082CD+DVD
TherionLeviathan II (Limited Edition)2022MP3
TherionLeviathan III2023MP3
Three Days GraceThree Days Grace2003MP3
Three Days GraceHuman2015MP3
Three Days GraceOutsider2018MP3
TigersclawPrincess of the Dark2017MP3
TigersclawTitan's Dawn2022MP3
Tim BownessFlowers At The Scene2019MP3
Tim BownessButterfly Mind (Limited 2CD Edition)2022MP3
Timo Tolkkis AvalonThe Enigma Birth2021MP3
To ElysiumDearest Vile2002MP3
To ElysiumNightmares Nest2004MP3
Ton Steine ScherbenKeine Macht Für Niemand1972MP3
Tony Pagliuca, David Jackson, Massimo Dona QuintetRe-Collage Live Marzo 20042004MP3
Tool10,000 DAYS2006CDMP3
ToolOpiate [Explicit Version]2006MP3
ToolFear Inoculum2019CDMP3
ToolFear Inoculum2019CDMP3
TristaniaWidow's Weeds1998MP3
TristaniaMidwintertears / Angina2001MP3
TristaniaWorld of Glass2001MP3
TristaniaBeyond The Veil2002MP3
TristaniaAshes (Ltd.ed.Digi)2005MP3
TriviumWhat the Dead Men Say2020MP3
TriviumIn the Court of the Dragon2021MP3
TurisasBattle Metal2004MP3
TurisasThe Varangian Way2007MP3
TurisasStand Up and Fight2011MP3
TurisasTurisas 20132013MP3
TrHow far to Asgaard (reissue)2008CDMP3
TrBy the Light of the Northern Star2009MP3
TrLay of Thrym2011MP3
Udo LindenbergDaumen im Wind1972MP3
Udo LindenbergStark wie Zwei2008CDMP3
Udo LindenbergStärker als die Zeit2016CDMP3
Udo Lindenberg & Das Panik OrchesterAlles klar auf der Andrea Doria1973CDMP3
Udo Lindenberg & Das Panik OrchesterBall Pompös1974CDMP3
Udo Lindenberg & Das Panik OrchesterVotan Wahnwitz1975CDMP3
Udo Lindenberg & Das Panik OrchesterGalaxo Gang1976CDMP3
Udo Lindenberg & Das Panik OrchesterUdopia1981CDMP3
UFORock & Pop Legends1995CD
Ultima GraceUltima Grace2022MP3
UnheiligFrohes Fest2002MP3
UnheiligFreiheit EP2004MP3
UnheiligZelluloid (Ltd.ed.)2004MP3
UnheiligModerne Zeiten (lim. Edition)2006MP3
UnheiligGrosse Freiheit2010MP3
UNIVERSUM 25Universum 252023MP3
Unleash the ArchersApex2017MP3
Unleash the ArchersAbyss2020MP3
UnsunThe End of Life2008CDMP3
Uriah HeepLady In Black - Compilation1994CDMP3
Uriah HeepThe Ultimate Collection20032CDMP3
VampiriaAmong Mortals2000MP3
VampiriaWicked Charm2002MP3
Van CantoA Storm to Come2007MP3
Van CantoHero2008MP3
Van CantoTribe Of Force2010MP3
Van CantoBreak The Silence2011MP3
Van CantoDawn Of The Brave2014MP3
Van CantoVoices of Fire2016MP3
Van CantoTrust In Rust2018MP3
Van der GraafLive At Hull University 19771977CD
Van der GraafThe Quiet Zone / The Pleasure Dome1977CD
Van der GraafVital1978CD
Van der GraafThe Quiet Zone / The Pleasure Dome - digitally remasered + bonus tracks2005CDMP3
Van der GraafVital - digitally remastered + bonus tracks20052CDMP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorThe Aerosol Grey Machine1969CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorH To He Who Am The Only One1970CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorPILGRIMAGE (Vol. 1 & 2) - Fragments Out Of Time 19702CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorThe Band Of Millions Of Years Featuring The Undercover Man1970MP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorThe Least We Can Do Is Wave To ...1970CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorPawn Hearts1971CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorThe Lost Live Tapes (London 1970-71)1971CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorI Prophesy Disaster1972CDMP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorLive at Piper Club, Roma, 9th February, 19721972CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorThe Killer Lives19722CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorGodbluff1975CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorLive at the New Victoria Theatre1975MP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorLive At The University, Birmingham, October 10th,197519752CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorLive in Paris La Mutualite 24.11.19751975MP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorLive In Wolwich, Thames Polytechnic, 30.10.197519752CDRMP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorManchester - Opera House - 02.11.107519752CDMP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorOne More Heaven Gained (Live 30.08.75)1975MP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorParis 197519752CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorPoppy-Fields Of France1975MP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorWorldly Men ans Strangers: A Day in the Life of VDGG19752CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorBless The Baby Born Today1976CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorDarkness '761976MP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorLive at City Hall, Newcastle , Nov. 13th, 197619762CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorNew York, October 18th, 19761976MP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorStill Life1976CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorWorld Record1976CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorZürich Volkshaus 19762CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorLive At Hull University November, 3rd, 19771977MP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorLive At Roundhouse, Londeon, February 20th, 197719772CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorFirst Generation (Scenes from 1969-1971)1986CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorSecond Generaration (Scenes from 1975-1977)1986CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorFellow Travelers1990CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorOne More Heaven Gained1990CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorVision-Erg (Live From BBC 1969/70/71)1990CDMP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorGenerators1991CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorLive In Basel 19721992CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorTime Vaults1992CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorI Prophesy Disaster (Compilation)1993CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorLighthouse Keepers1995CDMP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorMaida Vale - BBC Sessions1998CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorThe Masters - 10 Classic Tracks1998CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorThe Box20004CDMP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorGodbluff Live 19752003DVD
Van der Graaf GeneratorMasters From The Vaults Special Collectors Edition2003DVD
Van der Graaf GeneratorGodbluff - digitally remastered + bonus tracks2005CDMP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorH To He Who Am The Only One - digitally remastered + bonus tracks2005CDMP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorINSIDE Van der Graaf Generator20052DVD
Van der Graaf GeneratorPawn Hearts - digitally remastered + bonus tracks2005CDMP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorPRESENT20052CDMP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorRockpalast Leverkusener Jazztage 5. Nov. 20052005DVD
Van der Graaf GeneratorRockpalast Leverkusener Jazztage 5. Nov. 2005 - TV Broadcasts20052DVD
Van der Graaf GeneratorShepherds Bush Empire 20052005DVD
Van der Graaf GeneratorStill Life - digitally remastered + bonus track2005CDMP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorThe Least We Can Do Is Wave To ... - digitally remastered + bonus tracks2005CDMP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorWorld Record - digitally remastered + bonus tracks2005CDMP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorNürnberg, Hirsch, 01.04.200720072CDMP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorParadiso, Amsterdam, 14.04.2007 (Bootleg)2007MP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorReal Time (Royal Festival Hall)20072CDMP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorTransmissions - Enhanced CD + Book Set2007CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorTrisector2008CDMP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorLIVE at the PARADISO 14:04:0720092CDMP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorLIVE at the PARADISO 14:04:072009DVD
Van der Graaf GeneratorPleasant Surprise20092CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorA Grounding In Numbers2011CDMP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorPerformance2011CDMP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorThe Junction, Cambridge, 2011-03-2820112CD
Van der Graaf GeneratorALT2012CDMP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorRecorded Live in Concert at Metropolis Studios, London20122CD+DVD
Van der Graaf GeneratorAFTER THE FLOOD - At The BBC 1968-197720152CDMP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorMerlin Atmos - Live Performances 2013 (Deluxe)20152CDMP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorDo Not Disturb2016CDMP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorGodbluff - Live2016MP3
Van der Graaf GeneratorThe Bath Forum Concert (Live)20232CD+2BRMP3
Van der Graaf Generator / Jackson Banton EvansNow And Then1991CD
VangelisAlbedo 0.391975CDMP3
Vangelis1492 - Conquest Of Paradise1992CDMP3
Velvet UndergroundThe Velvet Underground & Nico1967MP3
Velvet UndergroundWhite Light / White Heat1968MP3
Velvet UndergroundThe Velvet Underground1969MP3
Vera LuxAus dem Nichts2020MP3
Veronika FischerVeronika Fischer1973CDMP3
VersengoldIm Namen des Folkes2013MP3
Via MisticaTestamentum2007MP3
Victoria KEssentia2020MP3
VisionaticaForce Of Luna2016MP3
Visions of AtlantisEternal Endless Infinity2002MP3
Visions Of AtlantisCast Away2004CDMP3
Visions Of AtlantisTrinity2007CDMP3
Visions Of AtlantisDelta2010MP3
Visions Of AtlantisMaria Magdalena2011MP3
Visions Of AtlantisEthera2013MP3
Visions Of AtlantisThe Deep & The Dark2018MP3
Visions Of AtlantisThe Deep & The Dark - Live At Symphonic Metal Nights2019MP3
Visions Of AtlantisWanderers2019MP3
Visions Of AtlantisPirates2022MP3
Visions Of AtlantisA Pirate's Symphony2023MP3
Visions Of AtlantisPirates over Wacken (Live)2023MP3
Vivaldi Metal ProjectThe Four Seasons2016MP3
Vivaldi Metal ProjectEpiClassica2022MP3
VolbeatThe Strength / The Sound / The Songs2005MP3
VolbeatGuitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood2008MP3
VolbeatBeyond Hell/Above Heaven2010MP3
VolbeatOutlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies2013MP3
VolbeatSeal the Deal & Let's Boogie2016MP3
VolturianRed Dragon2022MP3
VrylniaThe Other World2022MP3
VuurIn This Moment We Are Free - Cities2017MP3
Walk In DarknessIn The Shadows Of Things2017MP3
Walk In DarknessWelcome To The New World2018MP3
Walk In DarknessOn The Road To Babylon2020MP3
Walk In DarknessLeaves Rolling in Time2022MP3
We Are The FallenTear The World Down2010MP3
We Butter the Bread With ButterDas Album2021MP3
Weather ReportI Sing The Body Electric1972CDMP3
Weather ReportSweetnighter1973CDMP3
Weather ReportMysterious Traveller1974CDMP3
Weather ReportTale Spinnin'1975MP3
Weather ReportBlack Market1976CDMP3
Weather ReportNight Passage1980CDMP3
WedgeKilling Tonque2018MP3
Wendy CarlosSwitched-On Bach1968CDMP3
Wendy CarlosA Clockwork Orange - Music From The Soundtrack1972CDMP3
Wendy CarlosSwitched-On Brandenburgs19792CDMP3
WesternhagenKeine Zeit - Live19962CDMP3
WhyzdomAs Time Turns To Dust2018MP3
WhyzdomOf Wonders and Wars2021MP3
Winter In EdenSocial Fake2022MP3
Wishbone AshLive Dates19922CDMP3
Within TemptationMother Earth2003CDMP3
Within TemptationThe Silent Force2004CDMP3
Within TemptationThe Heart Of Everything2007CDMP3
Within TemptationBlack Symphony20082DVD+2CD
Within TemptationAn Acoustic Night At The Theatre2009CDMP3
Within TemptationThe Unforgiving2011MP3
Within TemptationHydra2014MP3
Within TemptationLet Us Burn2014DVD+2CDMP3
Within TemptationRESIST2018CDMP3
Within TemptationShed My Skin (EP)2021MP3
Within TemptationDon't Pray For Me (EP)2022MP3
Within TemptationThe Heart Of Everything (Special Edition 2022)2022MP3
Within TemptationBleed Out2023MP3
Within TemptationLive In Hell (Metal Hammer Exklusiv)2023MP3
Within TemptationWireless2023MP3
Within Temptation feat. TarjaParadise (What About Us)2013MP3
Wolfram HuschkeDiabolica1995CDMP3
Wolfram HuschkeAlien Diary1998CDMP3
Wolfram Huschkegailer KRACH1999CDMP3
Wolfram HuschkeMittendrin2001MP3
Wolfram HuschkeUmbruch2012CDMP3
WoodkidThe Golden Age2013MP3
Worlds BeyondSymphony of Dawn2020MP3
Xandriakill the sun2003MP3
XandriaSalom - The Seventh Veil2007MP3
XandriaNeverworld's End2012MP3
XandriaFire & Ashes (EP)2015MP3
XandriaTheater Of Dimensions - Deluxe Edition2017MP3
XandriaThe Wonders Still Awaiting2023MP3
YESClose To The Edge (Expanded Edition)1972CDMP3
YESTales From Topographic Oceans19732CDMP3
YESThe Ladder1999CDMP3
YESMagnification - Limited Edition20012CDMP3
YESMirror To The Sky2023MP3
ZZ TopAntenna1994CDMP3
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